G.G. (Girl in the Rubble)

Currently in Development


G.G. (Girl in the Rubble) is a multi-disciplinary experience confronting themes of war, death, humanity and rebirth. Set to an original soundscape, G.G. fuses a variety of puppetry styles, including table-top, shadow and object manipulation, together with projections into a wordless narrative that features a solo male actor/puppeteer.

Thematically, G.G. is a meditation on the impact military air strikes have on civilians and is largely inspired by a 2017 New York Times investigation, “The Uncounted”, revealing that the U.S.-led battle against ISIS - hailed as the most precise campaign in history - is killing far more civilians, including many children, than the coalition has acknowledged. But even more, GG (Girl in the Rubble) points to the American people’s complacency and raises the question of why there isn’t a greater outcry over children killed by U.S. and coalition-led forces. The piece hinges around the moment of a missile impact as seen through the lens of a young Iraqi girl trapped beneath the rubble of her home mistakenly destroyed.